Winter is (nearly) over and it’s time to come out of hibernation. As we begin to plan our beach getaways and try to lose those pesky final pounds of holiday glut, the last thing any of us are worrying about is being green. It’s almost bathing suit season, I get it, but you can reduce your carbon footprint while reducing your waistline- so no excuses!

Using a treadmill gives off 2 pounds of CO2 per 30 minute work out. There’s no need to off-gas or waste your money in order to stay in shape! Workouts can be as easy as doing squats using a chair, taking a walk, jumping rope or doing some work around the house!

This season why not elect to use a reel mower? Letting a gas mower run for an hour will emit as much pollution as a sedan running for 200 miles! A push reel mower is a quieter, less expensive and safer option than gas mowers. The man (or woman) powered push mowers can help you burn almost 400 calories per hour, without spending a dollar on a gym membership!

Spring cleaning (see previous post) can be a great way to workout too, no energy-wasting gym equipment needed! Scrubbing the floors can burn over 250 calories per hour. Hanging clothes on a good old fashion clothesline can help build muscle through bending and lifting and the sun acts as a natural antibacterial and deodorizer- no dryer needed! Just don’t forget to use all natural or homemade cleaners and detergents.

So before you hop in your car (or better yet- opt for a bike) and head down to the gym, remember there are many alternatives that are easier on the wallet and more eco-friendly that will help you get in shape! It’s beautiful outside, go enjoy it!


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