Sustainable Gardening Part 2

Welcome back! This is part two of our green gardening guidance double header. Last time we focused on natural nutrients and indigenous plants; this time is no exception (remember to keep your garden native for best results)! Today we have a couple more tips to help your garden grow beautifully and, more importantly, naturally. Let’s dig in!


Let the Pollinators Help Out

Pollination is the first step in the successful seeding and fruiting of your plants. Butterflies and bees will take care of that for you! By growing many diverse plants that bees and butterflies are drawn to, you’re giving your garden a greater chance of survival and helping the bee population thrive to boot! Beebalm, Milkweed and Wild Indigo are some New Jersey pollinator native favorites!

(Bonus #1: Have some old citrus lying around? Cut them up and throw them around your garden to attract those pollinators- butterflies love them!!)

Keep Away From Icky Pesticides

There are tons of natural ways to rid your garden of pests without using nasty, harmful pesticides. Hot pepper spray will discourage pesky insects, snails and animals from munching on your plants. A mix of citrus essential oil, cayenne pepper and water will deter ants. And to keep the slugs away, crush up some eggshells and sprinkle them around your plants.

(Bonus #2: Eggshells, as they decompose, will add nutrients to the soil!)

Successful gardens require time and care but, if you take the time to really understand what you are planting and how you are caring for your garden you (and by you I really mean me) can finally have the Sustainable Garden you have been yearning for!


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