Up Your Furniture Game with This Chemical-Free Antique Wood Stain (DIY)

There’s no doubt about it- your furniture is what makes your house a home. A cozy couch, an amazing armoire and a killer credenza all showcase your style and give a little insight into your personality. Here at NJ Healthy Homes, we absolutely love the antique, rustic look! The patina and coloring are to die for. A simple antiqued effect can instantly turn a plain piece of furniture into a chic and eye-catching design element. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have decades to wait for our furnishings to process naturally. No worries- here is an incredibly simple and chemical-free trick to transform your plain ol’ wood pieces into primitive, pre-loved masterpieces!

What You’ll Need

  • Wood Furniture
  • Steel Wool
  • 1 Tablespoon Coffee Grounds
  • White Vinegar
  • A Container (with a lid)

What to Do

To make the stain, place the steel wool and coffee grounds into the container and fill with vinegar and cover. Let the mixture sit for at least 24 hours before use. This will allow the vinegar to soak up the coffee grounds and dissolve the steel wool, giving the stain a nice brown tone. (Hint: if a silver-gray tone is more your style- leave out the coffee grounds!)

Once the mixture has had time to settle, grab some gloves (safety first!) and fish the steel wool out of the container. Rub the steel wool and the stain solution along the piece of furniture until the wood is well coated. Let it dry (about an hour) and repeat for a second coat.

Once dry, wipe off the coffee grounds. You’re done! A quick and easy way to give that weathered look to your wood furniture without the nasty chemical stains!

Spring is a great time to change up your home with some new furniture pieces. Great finds can be had at estate and garage sales, online and thrift shops. Shopping second-hand allows you to find unique, pre-loved pieces and to put your personal-touch on them. With chemical-free stains and a unique find, your home can be a green-home work of art!


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